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The training provider in and around the port

The training provider in and around the port

From shipping, transport, logistics and offshore to hazardous materials. Providing courses at our national and affiliated international training locations, in-company and online. Because in a constantly changing world, it is important, as a professional, to be prepared for what the sectors require of you.

You can still find our offer in the old familiar place.


The quality and professionalism you are used to receive from us, with a new identity. STC Training & Consultancy, STC International, and STC KNRM have become one: STC Next. Our courses can still be found on the existing websites. Interested in one of our courses? Book easily at STC Next via the links below.

The next step for every professional

Director Albert Bos: “STC Next will be the absolute standard when it comes to training in and around the port”.

As of 29 March, several STC companies have joined forces to continue as STC Next: the training provider of choice within the maritime and logistics sectors for tomorrow’s professionals, both in, and around the ports. What course will STC Next take, and what does that mean for the future of learning in the port? Director Albert Bos explains.

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