STC Next Heijplaat: Making Safety a Priority Every Day

A gem in the field of safety training can be found at Heysehaven in Rotterdam. STC Next location Heijplaat offers numerous facilities where harbor professionals are trained to recognize, prevent, and mitigate dangerous situations at work. Their goal is to be prepared for immediate action when it truly matters. Below, I’ll explain how they achieve this.


The advice is clear: everyone working in and around the harbor must understand what safe work entails and be aware of how to de-escalate an unsafe situation at any moment. “That’s why we receive 100 to 150 trainees daily at STC Next location Heijplaat,” says Sector Manager Marja Walraven. “We simulate various scenarios, including onboard fires, accidents with injuries, and capsize incidents. Our facilities include windmills, fire plates, different boats, and a unique scenario pool. Here, trainees experience the fear-inducing effects of strong winds and high waves. We train them for when it truly matters.”


Safety is paramount in this industry. Employers, employees, and self-employed professionals must keep their certifications up to date throughout their careers. Certifying bodies like STCW, OPITO, GWO, and CBR have strict guidelines that cannot be compromised. Marja emphasizes that safety standards evolve regularly, and training centers must stay aligned with current practices.


STC Next Heijplaat offers an extensive standard training package, as well as customized training for larger organizations with specific requirements. They also provide training for smaller organizations not directly related to the maritime industry. For instance, organizations unexpectedly dealing with water-related work benefit from the diverse and challenging environment at this location. STC Next ensures that organizations gain the best awareness of working on and near water.


Marja and her team observe two trends. First, there’s increasing demand for scenario-based training. This approach covers not only mandatory competencies but also technical skills, communication, and crisis management during unsafe situations. Second, companies from other sectors now approach STC Next Heijplaat for teambuilding. Imagine the value, excitement, and learning opportunities of getting to know colleagues better while pushing boundaries in a controlled, safe environment.

Fremantle Highway

The world recognizes STC Next Heijplaat. After the fire on the Fremantle Highway, a car carrier loaded with 3,700 vehicles, which caught fire near Ameland—specialists from STC Next Heijplaat were consulted on lessons learned. This exemplifies their commitment to continuous improvement and safety. They actively participate in global networks and working groups to stay informed about the latest developments worldwide.

STC Next keeps you growing

Marja frequently hears about the growth that trainees experience during their training. “They mention that they dared to step outside their comfort zone, learned to collaborate under pressure, and demonstrated leadership during the training. This is precisely our goal with ‘Keeps you growing’ at STC Next.